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The next day, Xiang Lan made an exception and got up early. While brushing his teeth, he looked in the mirror and took off his pajamas to reveal Fang Zidu with broad shoulders and narrow waist.

The next day, Xiang Lan made an exception and got up early. While brushing his teeth, he looked in the mirror and took off his pajamas to reveal Fang Zidu with broad shoulders and narrow waist. He returned to touch his waist and felt the smoothness of the surface and the muscles inside. His heart itched. He took a glance at the time on his watch, 5.19, a good time node. Tonight, he finished dealing with his brothers, eating and drinking, washing and rinsing. It's time for dinner, beauty. Fang Zi is a little uncomfortable. "Why do you get up so early?" "I have something this morning." "What is it?" With a frightened look on his face, he pushed aside her hand. He had been lifted to the brink of an outbreak by her and could not stand it. I said yesterday that I would try on clothes with my mother and have dinner with my brothers in the evening. Xiang Lan has a sprezzatura look. He was a little suspicious, but he didn't say anything. Put on his clothes quickly. Goodbye. Xiang Lan looked at the way he ran out in a hurry and turned out the small isolation clothes given by his uncle from his bag, thinking about whether he needed it or not. Anyway, tonight, in any case, she wants to achieve the goal of breaking her virginity. As for what he is busy with, just follow him and see. The stone carving is a little heavy, to Lan to Deng Yifan for help, two people together to carry into the office of Liu Nanyang, at that time, he was training a brother, words burst, can not bear to listen. Deng Yifan is the first time to see such a teacher Liu,collapsible pallet box, put down the stone, run away quickly. Xiang Lan stood aside and waited for a while, until the Elder Martial Brother profoundly admitted his mistake and said goodbye to him, and then called Teacher Liu. Liu Nanyang waited for a long time before he calmed down. Recently, because there was a prescription in the control group, how to look at other students was not pleasing to the eye. He glanced at the statuette she had on her desk, sighed, stood up, held it in his hand,collapsible pallet bin, and looked at it carefully. The faces of men and women form a ring, and the pattern intertwined in the center seems to be a baby conceived. The composition is very simple, and the knife is also very simple, but the delicate details and the tearing pattern under the baby's body constitute a strange aesthetic feeling. The whole is black, and each fluctuation refracts a sense of light. He looked at Xiang Lan and then at the statue, and it was hard to say two bad words. She looked at his expression and knew that she was in the middle. Her heart was at ease, and the corners of her mouth went up to the sky. Can't let her proud, this is Liu Nanyang's central idea, he cleared his throat, pretend to say, "for you to arrange this weekend's defense, hurry up to prepare." Xiang Lan ran out of the office and wanted to share the good news with Fang Zidu, but also wanted to give him a surprise, so he went through the art teaching building and went directly to a row of laboratories behind the biology teaching building. She studied in school for four years and seldom went in this direction, because all the old bungalows left decades ago were converted into various laboratories. There were few people all the year round, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and the cement blocks on the road were cracked by grass roots, which made her look desolate. The laboratory assigned by the school to Fang Zidu was located in one of them. She heard the approximate location and slowly looked for it. There were several mechanics laboratories with their doors open, where there were all kinds of large equipment that could not be understood. There were also several material laboratories, which were decorated very newly, and even the entrance hall was bigger and more clumsy and exquisite than the mechanics laboratory. There were also several biology laboratories, whose doors were locked, and one next door was not listed, where people came in and out. She estimated that it should be the one that was not listed. She walked slowly over and saw Fang Zi carrying a box of something out of it from a distance. She was about to shout when she saw a girl with long hair running out and chasing him. They stood by the door of a car, talking and laughing. This is more interesting, Fang Zi will actually talk and laugh with girls? Xiang Lan slowly moved over, using the cars on both sides of the road to cover his body, waiting for the distance of about one or two meters away from the two people, half bowing his body, listening to people talk. These are all books brought back, useful and reluctant to lose. The house in Qionglin Garden is too small to put so much, so we can only pick a few books to take with us, and put the rest in the laboratory for everyone to use together. The woman's voice was crisp and sounded a little familiar. Did you move back all by yourself? Fang Zidu said, "It's not too much trouble. Would you like to ask Elder Martial Brother for help?" No, he is very annoying now. We have already broken up, so we can't waste his time. ” Xiang Lan laughed in her heart, and the little woman's radar stood high. Thank you for helping me the other day, otherwise I really don't know how to deal with it. "You're welcome. You've helped me a lot before." "Haha, I really miss you at that time. You were young and obedient. You could do whatever your sister told you to do." Really people can not listen to, no wonder two days ago so busy, all kinds of excuses not to go home, the original is to help the beautiful big sister move. What makes Xiang Lan even more depressed is that the two people actually began to recall the past, as a wife's possessive desire for her husband, fully manifested in their hatred for not being able to participate in his past. Xiang Lan stood up straight, his head out of the roof of the car, and looked bitterly at Fang Zidu, who had his back to him, and the woman who was laughing so hard that the flowers trembled. Lin Li, it should be. The woman smiled, seemed to find to Lan's eyes, curiously looked over, Fang Zi followed the side of the head, also found her. She pursed her lips and stepped out of the traffic jam, saying, "Fang Zidu, your laboratory is so hard to find." Fang Zi put the box on the ground, got up and clapped his hands, "Xiang Lan, come and introduce it to you." Xiang Lan stood beside him, his hands involuntarily wrapped around him, full of possession. Lin Li naturally saw her little movements and smiled. Xiang Lan, this is Lin Li. Lin Li, this is Xiang Lan. "Hello." Lin Li smiled and held out his hand, "I didn't expect that we were all chased away by such a little cutie." What do you mean? Dislike her young age? Or do you dislike her chasing? The author has something to say: little angels, the collection of 2000 plus more sent to Chapter 46 Lin Li looked at Lan a little stuffy and said, "Zidu,drum spill pallet, please help me move the rest of the boxes to the trunk." Fang Zidu said to Lan, "you wait for me for a while, and it will be over soon." "Good." 。 binpallet.com

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