My supreme power

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Meng Shen said with a wry smile, "The endless sea area is very large. It is many times larger than the area of Yunmeng Continent.

Meng Shen said with a wry smile, "The endless sea area is very large. It is many times larger than the area of Yunmeng Continent. Moreover, in the depths of the sea area, there is a space crack, which blocks the communication between the continents. Hundreds of years ago, I searched with several strong people of the same level on the edge of the space crack, but I did not find any flaw. The whole Yunmeng Continent seems to be surrounded by a circle of space cracks." "Space crack?"? There is a crack in space. With the stability of the world, won't the existence of a crack in space cause the collapse of the world? yuan Jie was taken aback Meng Shen's face was a little strange, and he felt that something was wrong with yuan Jie's words. yuan Jie thought that the space crack must not be natural, it must be man-made, through the great magical power to maintain the stability of the space crack, otherwise the world would have collapsed. So why create a crack in space? Is it to cut off the communication between people from different continents? It seems that the situation in this world is not simple! yuan Jie also asked some other information, Meng Shen also live up to yuan Jie's expectations, can answer out, let yuan Jie also have a certain understanding of Yunmeng mainland. yuan Jie asked this, although it has nothing to do with the search for the broken bell, but we must first find out the potential enemies and guard against them. After staying in the yuan Meng Palace for a few days, yuan Jie, who had sorted out the clues, was ready to take Meng Shen and his wife away and began to look for the broken bell. yuan at this time of the court in just a few days has been restored to operation, but the lack of officials, emperor Xiao Meng busy no time to rest, fortunately, although emperor Xiao Meng is not deep, but how to say also has the strength of the martial arts, energetic, full of physical strength, but also to support, but even so, when yuan Jie see emperor xiaodi Meng again, found that emperor xiaodi Meng whole person seems to be thin circle, I feel much more haggard than when the city was about to be destroyed. At this time, Meng Xiaodi was in trouble, because yesterday he heard a very bad news that the retreating White Armor Army had captured the people around Mengjing. The shrewd Emperor Meng Xiaodi immediately understood the intention of the White Armor Army. Feelings are to let their empire into an empty shell, not to say that this plan is really poisonous, directly pinched the lifeblood of Emperor Meng Xiao. Without population, where do soldiers come from? Without population, who will pay taxes for him, who will produce weapons and armor for him? But there was nothing he could do. After all, the white armor army is powerful, is it possible to send a limited army to stop it? This is not to send their last family property to the door? Therefore, Emperor Meng Xiaodi could only watch helplessly as the White Armor Army carried his people away. When seeing yuan Jie, Emperor Meng Xiao did not show any anxiety and his face was calm. yuan Jie is very satisfied, but a little looking forward to how to solve the current problems of Emperor Meng Xiao. When yuan Jie proposed to leave Mengjing, Emperor Meng Xiao did not make a move to retain him. He knew that a strong man like yuan Jie would not stay to serve himself. Especially when Meng Xiaodi saw Meng Shen behind yuan Jie, his face changed slightly, and he looked at Meng Shen's actions as if he were yuan Jie's servant. Although he did not know what had happened, Emperor Meng Xiao knew that it was impossible for the White Armor Army to be supported by the Mengshen Castle. Lian Mengshen in front of yuan Jie such a move, plastic pallet crates ,ibc spill containment pallet, you can imagine the strength of yuan Jie. yuan Jie is about to leave, suddenly a move in the heart, a palm, suddenly a drop of black liquid appeared in the palm of the hand. The appearance of the dark liquid brightened the eyes of Meng Shen and his wife, who were Wu Sheng and could naturally feel the huge vitality in this drop of liquid. "This drop of water of life can sustain your life for thousands of years." yuan Jie looked at Meng Xiaodi and smiled with breath at the corners of his mouth. Meng Xiaodi looked at the drop of dark liquid, slightly stupefied, but he quickly reacted, immediately understood the meaning of yuan Jie, his face showed a trace of ecstasy, even breathing some heavy up. A thousand years of life, who does not want to, but want to reach such a level, only Wu Sheng With the cultivation of Emperor Xiaodi's martial arts, it is almost impossible to go any further. With the life span of a martial arts master, it is about two hundred years at most. Compared with the life span of a thousand years, it is still far from it. For such emperors as Meng Xiaodi, longevity is the most important, enjoying the supreme power, if you can live a little longer, it is perfect. Therefore, for Emperor Meng Xiao, power and longevity were what he longed for most. Not to mention Meng Xiaodi, even Meng Shen and his wife's eyes lit up. A drop of such a seemingly inconspicuous liquid could make a warrior with a thousand years of life span, which was simply an elixir. "Really, really" Meng Xiaodi felt a little incoherent, want to see this drop of liquid represents a thousand years of life, the excitement in his heart can not be described in words. "Of course, I never talk nonsense. Close your eyes and have no distractions." yuan Jie nodded and said seriously. Meng Xiaodi immediately did so, his expression calmed down, his emotional control has reached a very high level, or after the excitement, a moment to control the excitement. Medium and dark praise The drop of life liquid dripped in the palm of yuan Jie's hand, suddenly shining bright, dark green, but all concentrated in the palm of yuan Jie's hand, as if there was a strange force to block the energy of the water of life within the palm. In the blink of an eye, a group of dark green light in the palm of yuan Jie's heart, rolling, but there is no energy to escape. Meng Shen saw the dark green light in the palm of yuan Jie's hand, and his eyes almost popped out. He could just sense that the energy contained in this dark green light had at least the intensity of a warrior saint. Now, a Wu Sheng intensity of energy is held in the hands, there is no divergence of energy, it is impossible to see, you know, even with his top Wu Sheng level, to control a Wu Sheng intensity of internal power, it is impossible. The internal force that a Wu Sheng can control is at most about one percent of his own internal force. With the improvement of strength and level, the amount of control will gradually increase, but every one percent increase is absolutely a qualitative leap, because it also represents the control of internal force. Even with his strength, he can only control about 11 percent If you want to break through again,secondary containment pallet, you must ascend to the level of true God. yuan Jie's eyes suddenly froze, and he stretched out his palm in front of yuan Zhen, aiming at the position between his eyebrows.

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