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Cheng Xu laughs, "originally I did not say, this mission, the best booking result is to take a person here." After a pause, he continued, "No matter how that thing got here,"

Cheng Xu laughs, "originally I did not say, this mission, the best booking result is to take a person here." After a pause, he continued, "No matter how that thing got here," he pointed with his chin to the platform where the Dark Sword was parked, "the core secrets of the technology it carries are more important than our lives." With that, Cheng Xu smiled softly and laid the map flat on the ground with a serious expression. He said, "Right, it's 4:17 now. I'll go around to this point later and shoot here. There are no guards here. The guards below will definitely go there when they hear the gunfire.". You go around here, wait until most of the people are led away by me, you destroy the rest of the people as fast as you can, and install bombs on the dark sword. We split up now, and in 20 minutes, we're on the move. Is that all right? Cheng Xu did not arrange to successfully blow up the dark sword after the matter, Lin Yu also did not ask. He nodded, and Cheng Xu put away the map and bent over to leave the hiding place. Lin Yu also followed up and touched the past in the opposite direction of Cheng Xu. Twenty minutes later, the gun was fired on time. As expected, some of the people who stayed on the tarmac followed the sound. Finally left only five people to stay behind, Lin Yu did not act immediately, Cheng Xu there has been lively up, faintly can be heard from the location of the gunfire,wire nail machine manufacturers, Cheng Xu led them a little farther. When they were far enough away, even if there were more gunfire here, they could not come back for a while, Lin Yu took up his gun and shot at the people who stayed behind. After one man was shot, the other four hurriedly looked for Lin Yu, but two of them had already been put down by Lin Yu before they could fire a shot. The other two, although fired, but in the end still died under Lin Yu's gun. Running out of the cover position,iron nail machine, Lin Yu quickly rushed to the dark sword and loaded the bomb. When he turned around and passed a corpse, Lin Yu hesitated for a moment and stopped slowly. The body lay on its back with a bloody hole in the middle of its forehead. Lin Yu took a deep breath, but was choked by a bloody smell, and found himself unable to lift his feet for a moment. After a while, there was a gunshot not far behind Lin Yu, which startled him. He turned around and covered himself behind the tank. End gun counterattack gap, Lin Yu looked up at the tank, while someone was put down by him, Lin Yu turned over and climbed up the tank, sat in. Lin Yu was not a professional tank soldier, not to mention the Israeli tank, reluctantly tried a few times, the tank started, also did not care to attack, can only rely on its steel body, crooked rampage toward Cheng Xu side of the gun rushed past. As soon as Lin Yu drove the tank away from the rocky ground, Automatic nail machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, he immediately detonated the bomb on the dark sword. Later, he detonated several bombs that had been planted elsewhere before he came around. Because of the use of bombs that would explode in large areas, this corner of the base was instantly plunged into a sea of fire. Lin Yu drove a tank and rushed in front of Cheng Xu. Cheng Xu turned over and sat down. The first thing he did was to ask with a smile, "Did you set the fire?" Lin Yu was concentrating on driving the tank in the right direction. "If they don't send people to put out the fire, they'll wait for this to be in ruins." Cheng Xu laughed and patted Lin Yu on the head, praising him, "Clever." Lin Yu was too absorbed in driving the tank and did not dodge Cheng Xu. He just frowned. "You didn't let me down, Lin Yu," said Cheng Xu with a weak chuckle. Lin Yu snorted and responded coldly, "Everyone in the team knows that we have a bad relationship. If you die and I go back alive, I won't have to mix with the blade in the future." Cheng Xu smirked twice and did not speak. Lin Yu suddenly realized that something was wrong, turned his head and glanced at him, only to see that he was already covered with blood, but still had a transparent smile on his face. Lin Yu's hand slipped, and the tank slammed into the wall, jolting violently. Cheng Xu snorted, raised his eyes, took Lin Yu's hand, and gently whispered, "Don't panic. Just drive out like this. Someone will come to meet us." 19 Lin Yu drove a tank all the way out of the base, but Cheng Xu's so-called helpers waited until they were almost all out of the terrorists' sphere of influence before appearing in front of them. Kondratovich, dressed in a suit, huddled in a safe bulletproof car, escorted by heavily armed Russian special forces. A motorcade was lined up a full meter long, all waiting leisurely in the safety zone. It was not until the tanks appeared that they all took up their guns and posed as if they were facing a formidable enemy. Lin Yu stopped the tank at a safe distance and turned to look at Cheng Xu, who was covered in blood. The latter tilted his body, blocked the wound on his shoulder with his fingers, and pulled out an ugly smile at Lin Yu, "We all survived." Lin Yu quietly looked him up and down, he knew that in the base, Cheng Xu almost attracted most of the other side's firepower, a gun hard to the other side twenty or thirty, can stand to his past can be regarded as a miracle. At the moment, the most serious wound on his body looked like it was on his shoulder, because as long as he shot down a little more, the bullet might have penetrated Cheng Xu's heart. But in fact, judging from the fact that he was covered in blood at the moment, what might really kill him was the extent of his blood loss. The Russian special forces outside the tank, because they did not know whether they were friends or enemies inside the tank, had hidden behind the vehicle and were ready to shoot, but none of them took a step forward, because if they got closer, they would be within the range of the tank. Not daring to delay, Lin Yu immediately lifted the hood, climbed out of the tank, and shouted in Russian at the embattled Russians: "Don't shoot, it's us.". We have a wounded man who needs immediate medical attention. Hearing the shouting, Kondratovich ran out from behind countless guns to meet him, and in the middle of running, as if he had just thought of it,Nail machine supplier, he ran back and brought out the rescue team from behind to rescue him. Two minutes later, the ambulance crew rushed over with Kondratovic on a stretcher. The escorts followed suit, forming a larger protective circle around the tank. Lin Yu helped Cheng Xu climb out of the tank and pushed him onto a stretcher. The ambulance crew quickly carried him away.

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