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Hussein was never a good companion by any measure. Dewey's been with him all day. They got everything ready.

Sculpture does not necessarily take a long time to have the best performance, especially under the effect of ghost carving, the voice of reading ice is full of cold and arrogant air, and the pithy formula finally appears. The place where the ghost's hand fell shocked the sky. As if at this moment, he was a ghost carving, and the blue light turned into a dragon, which was printed on the wax gourd cup. Carved into a hundred whirls of waves. The blade turns over, and the blue light, like waves, constantly attacks the jasper-like wax gourd in front of us. The magic work is in the ancient and modern times. Knife skills change again, from delicate to big open, each cut brings up a deep gully. The knife rises and the waning moon reflects the cold spring. The blue light suddenly sent out thousands of brilliance, as if there was a crescent moon on the wax gourd cup, the whole wax gourd cup was completely rendered into silvery white, like spring water flowing down the blue light lightly moistening every corner of the wax gourd cups, God's miraculous knife skills were sublimated in an instant, a touch of dragon gas around the The faint blue light faded away. Wax gourd cup is surrounded by a long time of white ice fog, so that the whole wax gourd cup a little more mysterious. Gui Diao Yin, Nian Bing's right hand is trembling slightly. The previous carving, even he did not know how many knives, the strength of the fingers and wrists has been shown to the limit, he knew that at least in three days, his right hand has been unable to do anything. However,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, his mood at the moment is extremely happy. Because he knew he had succeeded. Finally, he succeeded in touching the essence of the dragon dance and finding the feeling of the integration of spirit and cooking skills. Not only will the dragon dance enter the realm of success, but also his understanding of cooking skills will enter another realm. Slightly panting, Nian Bing looked at the wax gourd cup in front of him, and the rotating plate gradually stopped. Ice fog also gradually disappeared, in addition to read the ice itself and purple Xiu, all people show the light of disappointment. Because, on the jasper-like wax gourd cup,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, they only saw a series of irregular lines crisscrossed vertically and horizontally, and around these lines, they were covered with white wax gourd powder. The only strange thing was that on the upper edge of the wax gourd cup, there was an extra protuberance on each of the three equally divided points. No one knew how it was formed. But the protuberance was so grotesque that there was nothing strange about it. Compared with the gorgeous knife light, the result was obviously unsatisfactory, and even Zi Mengqing sat back in disappointment. Nian Bing took an expressionless look at the wax gourd cup and took the rice next to it. Clear water control dry, he suddenly threw his wrist, the wet rice in the bowl suddenly rushed into the sky, morning dew knife shot, instantly drew four knife shadows in the air, the rice was completely circled into the knife light, the previous basin of rice in the air a circle, all the rice re-entered the basin issued a clear tinkling sound, not a grain of rice escaped the net. Pouring out the rice and putting it on the chopping board, Nianbing picked up a piece of cloth from the side and wrapped it around his right hand, and then tied it tightly around his wrist. This time, glass cream jars ,30ml Dropper Bottle, he took out the ghost carving with his left hand. It was the third knife of the ghost carving from big to small. The blade was much smaller than the previous one, and the front end was only half the width of a willow leaf. Unfortunately, he could not use his right hand now. But in front of the food still need to continue to do, left hand moved, this time, his goal is rice, of course, even if his ability is strong, now it is impossible to carve any pattern on the rice, he has to do is simple and difficult, a flash of knife light, a grain of rice was re-picked into the iron basin, at this time, rice is no longer the original oval, but has become a circle. This time on the pick to complete the task of carving round skills, if not for the presence of all people have amazing eyesight, will inevitably think that he is doing useless work. Rice is very crisp, even after freezing is also crisp, but, after freezing, although it is crisp but it will become a lot of hard, read ice is this hard, the right hand to perform the dragon set dance, this time, his left hand to perform is the brocade word virtual pick word formula, good at carving the brocade word virtual pick word used to carve round is very simple, the tip of the knife constantly pick out, each knife will pick out a grain of rice. As the light of the knife grew faster and faster, there were fewer and fewer grains of rice on the chopping board, and when the last grain of rice entered the basin, there was only a pile of crumbs left on the table. Nian Bing did not throw away the crumbs, but carefully put them into a plate to finish all this. He finally showed a faint smile on his face, looked at his wrapped right hand, and looked up at Zixiu. Zixiu was still pressing the noodles and meat, and when he looked up at him, he opened the lid of the pot beside him, and the rich aroma filled the whole kitchen. Zixiu took a deep breath, nodded with some self-intoxication, shook his left hand, took a big colander, copied it in the pot, and all the ingredients in it were filled out, although it looked very simple. But read the heart of the ice but missed a beat, this colander is not as simple as it looks on the surface, first of all, the timing, the colander attack moment is just the moment when the soup boils most, and the colander looks like a flash, in fact, seven times in a row,Glass Cosmestic Containers, seven times in a row to change the angle, all the ingredients in the soup are filled out, this colander fully reflects the camel kitchen. Nian Bing asked himself that he couldn't do it.

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