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Hussein was never a good companion by any measure. Dewey's been with him all day. They got everything ready.

The black phantom suddenly stopped and looked quietly into the distance. He has a pair of eyes as sharp as eagle's eyes. But the strangest thing is his bald head. His bald head and scalp were dark. It seemed to be covered with a thin layer of black iron, and there was a ring-like mark on the dark scalp. "Unexpectedly somebody?" This baldheaded youth stares at a distance, "be an enemy!" After confirming the identity. Bald-headed youth hesitates no longer, "whoosh!" Very abrupt ground, this bald-headed youth speed erupts. Like a meteorite shooting at the black-robed man in the distance. The black-robed man also turned his head suddenly. Obviously saw him. Without hesitation. The black-robed man'shouted 'and immediately fled. There is no escape! "The bald young man's figure flashed eerily.". The surrounding space forms a khaki halo like an arc, which directly encircles the black-robed man who wants to flee. The black-robed man fell into the khaki halo, and his speed was greatly reduced, and the bald young man took advantage of this moment to catch up with him. He held out his right hand without mercy. The bald young man wore a black glove on his right hand. Reach out and become a claw, like the claw of a dragon. This right hand across the space, all make the space produce shock, instant then fell on the shoulder of the black-robed man,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, "roll!" The black-robed man low roar. The right leg of the backhand was thrown up and split at the opponent. Click! "It was a clear sound, and the black-robed man's shoulder was directly scratched and broken." It's so hard. The bald young man was a little surprised, but his men showed no mercy. The right hand was scratching the other's shoulder at the same time. He immediately grabbed the black-robed man's head directly. This right paw is at the moment of grasping. Hand grasp around unexpectedly once again produced a strange circular halo, so that the surrounding space is bound, the black-robed man's head can not be greatly dodged. Puff! "Five fingers of the right hand.". Directly obliquely inserted into the skull,L Methylfolate Factory, the black-robed man's head burst directly. Baldy youth is very self-confident: "Your this leg is too late to kick me." In the eyes of the bald youth. Once the black-robed man is dead, naturally it is impossible to continue the attack. Peng! "The black-robed man's right leg strength is not reduced.". It was directly split in the abdomen of the bald young man. The bald young man rolled over and fell to the ground. Incorrect. It's a puppet! "Only then did the bald young man wake up." It's a trap! "Poof!" I saw the bald young man suddenly stepped on the ground, his right foot on the ground also appeared ring halo, the whole person immediately shot out, while galloping. Welcome! Sometimes step on the ground. ? Each pedaling creates a ring of light. It also made his speed reach a terrible level. Like lightning. After two or three tramples, it disappears in the field of vision. This guy is running too fast! When Lin Lei and Bei Bei came to the surface. But only had time to see the back of the bald young man leaving. Lin Lei and Beibei could only lean on the rocks beside them in frustration: "I, the puppet of death, just found him in the blink of an eye.". He found out that it was a puppet of death. It's a trap! Turns out it's a death puppet. Without stopping, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, he immediately ran away, really! "Lin Lei could not shake his head." There is no harvest at all. Beibei curled his lips and looked at the headless puppet of death in the distance. "I lost a puppet of death.". The eldest brother. Who is that man? "Koloyd!"! An extremely powerful leader of the Earth God plane. 。 Likes to be a loner. Lin Lei laughed. Through the puppet of death, Lin Lei also found out that Koloyd had made a move. Just from this trademark trick. Lin Lei completely judged the identity of Koloyd. However. This Koloyd. Not a single master artifact. We can totally kill him. Lin Lei felt very sorry. A great opportunity. How. This Cloyd was too vigilant, and when he found the trap, he immediately fled without a trace of hesitation. "Not even a master artifact, still strong?" Beibei frowned. That's what your grandfather in Beirut said in the information he gave me. This Koloyd just didn't want to be bound, didn't want to be the messenger of the main God, so he didn't have the main artifact, but even so. It's also very difficult to kill him. Lin Lei sighed. The strong man of the law of the earth! I see his understanding of the law. At least five kinds of fusion. The grasp of the broken shoulder of the puppet of death contains five kinds of mystery. The Golem of Death is in its claws. Like mud. While Lin Lei and Beibei were chatting, Lin Lei suddenly found a figure in the distance out of the corner of his eye. He immediately turned his head and saw that it was about two or three hundred meters away. There was a black figure lurking there, as if observing the death puppet lying on the ground. Lin Lei was suddenly surprised: "Beibei.". There's a target. It's nearly 300 meters to the right. "Target?" Beibei even turned to look. At this very moment -- The figure in black in the distance was also alert to find two figures leaning against the rocks not far away. This moment-this black farmer. He and Lin Lei looked at each other. Lin Lei was surprised. Even the divine consciousness sent a message to Beibei: "Beibei, this black farmer.". I can't feel the badge on him. Is the enemy camp, start! "This micro chapter breath, the closer to the ground.". The clearer the induction, the closer the distance between Lin Lei and the other side is only three hundred meters. According to reason, even if the induction is not clear, it can barely sense some micro-chapter breath. It can not be sensed. "Ha ha, run away one, still attract one unexpectedly.". Quack Beibei is very excited. This black farmer. It was indeed because of the movement of the bald young man trampling on the ground before, which attracted him to come quietly. He was also quietly watching from the sidelines. But Lin Lei, Beibei's location, is also relatively hidden, and this location, just can clearly see where the black farmers are. Hum The black farmer calmly turned around and was about to fly away. Escape? Lin Lei's first reaction was to release the'black stone space ', and the huge khaki mask spread out in an instant, with Lin Lei as the center, covering all within a radius of 500 meters. This black stone space coverage speed can be faster than the black farmer running speed,Heme Iron Polypeptide, I do not know how much, the black farmer just moved. He fell into the black stone and rushed into the air. The strongest gravity, gravity towards Lin Lei! "Gravity space?"? What a strong gravity! 。 And it's a backward attraction.

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